Monday, again

It’s a new week… And a pretty momentous one for me.  This week I’ll be picking up my new car.  You won’t see me in that old Chevy van again! And, I’ll be getting a new computer.  I’m so excited!

There are tons of art shows to enter at this time of year.  Get into the game!  It’s fun to see your art out in the world.  Let people see what you are doing, don’t keep it hidden away under the bed.  If you’re just starting out, try entering your local county fair.

Speaking of county fairs… The San Joaquin County Fair is next week.  I’ll be there on Saturday, June 27, between 12 and 4 pm doing a watercolor demonstration.  Then at the end of July (July 30 – Aug 2) is the Amador County Fair.  If you’re looking for an old fashioned county fair experience and some great artwork, it’s the place to be.  I’ll be there on Saturday painting in Pokerville Hall. 

And, again this year, I’ll be designing the front window outside that same building (Pokerville Hall, at the Amador County Fair)  for the Amador Stars.  The theme this year is “A Grape Time at the Hukilau”. Come by and take a look.

This morning I’m posting a new painting… Check out my gallery.

Thanks for stopping by…  Hope to see you soon.

2 Responses to “Monday, again”

  1. Teddi June 18, 2009 9:16 pm

    Wow, a new computer! That sounds wonderful! (of course, a techie like me would comment on the computer before the new car, ha-ha)

    Congratulations on these changes. Always exciting to have something new. Great to see you posting on your website! I think you have the right idea, just keep doing it and you’ll figure it out along the way! Love you much!

  2. jeannie June 24, 2009 6:27 am

    Of course! The computer is amazing! I’m lovin’ it! Now onto more website entries! Let’s get this show on the road… Speaking of the road… The car is a dream, new, clean, and sweet… air conditioning and a cd player… What more could I want?

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