Here’s the step by step progression of my painting of Hannah, my granddaughter.

First step = a light multi colored wash over all.

My color palette:  Winsor Orange, Permanent Rose, Winsor Blue Green Shade.

Step two = start defining middle and darker values

Step 3 = Feelin' finished? I spent some time looking at what I was missing in Hannah's face, her hands and in the background and decided I needed to go a bit further.

Step four = Make some refinements in face and background, worked on ice cream and cone

Final step = more work on face and hands (and that cute little pinky) ... Add some fun touches of Cerulean Blue

And… Sign it.  Now I’m finished.  This is a small painting, 5″ x 5″, unusual for me.

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  1. Gina July 15, 2010 12:36 pm

    Dear Jeannie, I totally love this portrait and all the color you’ve used. I’m so inspired by your painting technique. So different than anyone I’ve seen. I would love to watch you paint. I’m waiting patiently for you to make a DVD! Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

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