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Finding The Key 2019

What’s up with Watercolor Backgrounds?

Can you paint a lovely portrait or flower, but when it comes to the background you don’t know what to do?  This is an issue I hear from my students and followers on Facebook and YouTube many times over. Ideas on the Figure Ground Relationship Look for my tutorial on YouTube on how to paint […]

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Mermaid watercolor and ink 2010 large

Inspired by the Art Nouveau Style of Alphonse Mucha

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the beautiful refined style of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha became well known. I first saw images of his work at American River College when I was studying with Gary Pruner.  Gary used Mucha’s work, among others, to illustrate design and composition. I loved it at first sight! Many […]

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Class Project

In this six week session at University Art in Sacramento, I’m guiding my students in painting some little landscapes.  I’ve worked on two pieces…  Very simple color schemes, as usual.  Winsor Blue Green Shade, Thalo Yellow Green (Grumbacher), Permanent Rose, Perylene Green and a bit of Cobalt Blue in the wet into wet painting.  One is […]

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Stretching Your Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper expands when it is wet, creating an uneven surface to paint on.  For control and a flat surface, artists soak and “stretch”  their paper.   The paper is soaked in a tub of water for about 10 minutes then laid out on a hard surface, such as a plywood board and taped or stapled […]

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swws group spring 2007

Vancouver, Washington workshop coming up in October

My return visit to the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society in Vancouver is set for October.  On the 5th I’ll be judging their Annual Fall Art Show to be held at Vancouver Mall.  Then on Tuesday, October6th – Thursday, October 8th I’ll be conducting a workshop focussing on putting children into paintings.   On the evening […]

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