The Art Nouveau Style

May 16, 2010 | Misc | 0 comments

In June I’ll be teaching a four week class at University Art in Sacramento on the Art Nouveau Style.  My primary focus  will be the artwork of Alfonse Mucha,, though I will also show students other work in the style, or deriving from the style.

Described as an art composed of charm and grace, delicacy and love, Mucha’s art is full of intoxicating rhythm and line.   It is simple and at the same time complex with intricate details woven in.  The work usually combines the idealized form of women (complete with long flowing hair and drapery) with natural elements (flowers, leaves and creatures) and amazing borders and curvilinear line-work.

With this combination of form, line and subject matter, Mucha created a unique style that bears study and can be used as a starting point for artwork of your own.

In one of my reference books, The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alfonse Mucha, it says:  “Let that man always be made welcome who is able to produce the mirage of a lovely dream in the midst of the sorrows and platitudes of our existence.”

To find out more about my class, go to my class and events page.

Here are a couple of pieces I painted that have come from my studies.

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