The story of “The Unseen Folk”

Some of you may not know that I have a series of graphite drawings called The Unseen Folk.

In 2015, with a small Moleskine sketchbook, I began.

Here is one of the first drawings from that sketchbook. 

I was on a journey of discovery from the very start.
It was fun to experiment in such a small format (only 5″ x 8″) and on lightly textured paper.

The long horizontal format really worked well for me.

I carried my sketchbook and pencil case everywhere.

My goal became to complete the first sketchbook within the year.  I achieved that goal and bought a new sketchbook.  

The drawings became more adventurous and more detailed. 

I developed my techniques, and learned to add subtleties and surface textures that I very much enjoyed.

During 2016, we found out that my sweetheart, Doug Barnett, had liver cancer.  Doug had been a writer/video game designer and was super supportive of my art career.  He began talking about writing a book to go with some of my drawings… But, unfortunately, he became so sick that he was unable to follow through with this dream.





In 2017, Doug passed away.

I kept drawing and painting.  I started to hang a few of my framed drawings up for sale along with my watercolors.

They actually sold! 

My paintings often sold, but that these whimsical little creations were desired enough to be purchased was such a thrill!




2020 hit us all with a shock.

With the virus, my classes, art shows and watercolor demonstrations were cancelled. 

My Dad had passed away in December of 2019.  So… finding myself pretty much alone, except for my Mom… with family stranded and work postponed… I thought about Doug’s dream of writing a book. 

I secretly floundered into the shallow water… stumbling and bumbling my way along, and found my way to a new exciting adventure, putting words to my images.

My first book is completed!   Self-published, illustrated and written by me, with the encouragement of students and friends, and with the help of my Guardian Angel, Doug Barnett, it has become a reality. 

Here it is!   Click Here 

I hope you viewers and readers will find this Unseen world as surprising and wonderful as I have.  <3

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