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Hello my friends,

Finally I’m back and scheduling new in-person workshops, watercolor demonstrations, and maybe a few classes for 2023 and 2024.

Watercolor Workshop in Lodi, Ca

  • When:  August 17 – 19, 2023
  • Where:  Double Dip Gallery, Lodi, Ca
  • I will be teaching my watercolor techniques, getting the most from a limited palette on a floral painting. 
  • To Sign Up:  Call the Gallery @ (209) 365-3344
  • For more information contact me @ jeannie@jeannievodden.com

Watercolor workshop in Washington State

  • September 5th – 7th, 2023
    To Sign Up on Waiting List:  contact me @ jeannie@jeannievodden.com
  •  We will be studying how to paint transparency and luminescence.
  • I will share my techniques and use of my limited palette.


In October I will be teaching for the Nevada Watercolor Society in Henderson, Nevada

  • Dates:  October 9 – 11
  • Focus:  Adding whimsical elements to your watercolor.  We will focus on interesting composition and my unique watercolor techniques

Watercolor Demonstration for Folsom Arts in California

  • Date:  November 9

 5-Day Watercolor Workshop and Watercolor Demonstration in Moultrie, Georgia for The Arts Center

  • Dates:  March 11 – 15, 2024
  • 2 days Watercolor Floral painting
  • 3 days Watercolor Portraits
  • All days will include watercolor techniques, limited palette and interesting composition ideas.


About Jeannie’s workshops:

  • Students will be guided in exploring unique techniques used to create translucent imagery.
  • Learn how to use a limited palette of only 3 transparent staining hues to achieve beautiful rainbow-colored layers of color.
  • By mingling color on dry paper, and on wet, you will create amazing mixes of color through glazing.
  • See and learn how to lift and move color while paper is still damp making beautiful fresh textures and surface illusions.
  • This process takes some patience, practice and understanding, but the visual effects reveal an unusual depth of color which is well worth the effort.

Jeannie demonstrates each day.
Each student will start with practice and exploration of techniques. 
Beginners may work with Jeannie’s images, while more advanced students may choose the subject matter of their own choice.


Materials List for Watercolor Classes and Workshops


Artist-grade cold-press paper, 140 lb. (Stretched preferred) or 300 lb. Clipped, stapled or taped on gatorboard or other hard surface.

  • Use ¼ sheet, ½ sheet or full sheet, depending on following along in class project or independent painting
  • Watercolor pads, 140 lb., 11 x 14 or larger, are okay

  • I recommend Arches brand paper.

  • Be prepared with extra paper for practice studies.


Round synthetic or sable:  #2, #6, #10, #14, #16, #26 (or larger)

I like Robert Simmons White Sable brushes, and Princeton brushes but any good synthetic or sable brush will be fine.  


Large Professional palette with areas for mixing colors.

Essential palette colors:

Winsor Yellow, or another transparent yellow (Cadmium Yellow Medium okay)
Permanent Rose
Thalo Blue or Winsor Blue (green shade)

Also on Jeannie’s palette are:

Winsor Orange
Cobalt Blue

Winsor Dioxazine Violet
Thalo Turquoise
Perelyne Green
Green Gold

Water containers:

Two – quart or larger plastic containers


2B pencil and sharpener or automatic pencil

Graphite transfer paper (no wax)

Kneaded eraser

Household sponge


Paper towels and/or Kleenex

Masking Tape or blue tape 

Spray Bottle



*I work on a slanted surface, so bring something sturdy to prop up your work ie: pencil box, 2×4  piece of wood 

Jeannie Vodden 1/23

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