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Hi Everyone!
Things have changed. And, 2020 has become a time of gaining knowledge, experience and pushing beyond your comfort level

So, for me, that means learning how to teach online

To start with … I’m going to teach a class through French Escapade https://frenchescapade.com/?doing_wp_cron=1598715319.0867390632629394531250

Many of my favorite artists are teaching there.
I asked if people would be interested in Zoom classes on my Facebook page and many of my followers said “Yes!!!” What a wonderful confirmation. <3

If you would like to be part of this class please follow the link below, or go to French Escapade and click on Live Online Workshops to see all of the classes being offered, including mine.

Oct 2 & 3
10am-1pm PDT
Jeannie VoddenRomantic French PeoniesWatercolorOpenUS$ 178 (6 hours)

About my class:

V.I.E.W. by Jeannie VoddenRomantic French Peonies (in Watercolor)

Level: High Beginner and Intermediate- Max 16 participants

Dates:  Oct 2 & 3 (10am-1pm Pacific Time)

Class overview:

Join award winning artist, Jeannie Vodden, as she shares her unique watercolor techniques in this class.  You will be treated two days of painting the romantic imagery of old-fashioned pink peonies.  Jeannie loves feminine, romantic imagery, with a modern touch.  She uses a limited palette of only 3 transparent, staining colors.  All variations of color and value are achieved by the layering and mingling the color.  

Seeing the light, contrast and color variations will be high on the class theme.
You will learn how to paint light moving on, over and through petals and leaves.

Jeannie’s limited array of materials is complemented by her desire for detail and variation in all areas of her paintings.  She will show you in a step by step format how she achieves this.

Jeannie will be demoing step by step giving you plenty of time to paint. Since the class is interactive, you will be able to ask questions directly to Jeannie as well as show her your work through your camera to get personal feedback and critique. You will get one finished painting by the end of the class.

Rate:  US$ 178 for 2 sessions of 3 hours (total 6 hours)

The price includes: 

  • Personal feedback and critique during the class: Jeannie will give you time to paint and then look at each student work in progress and comment on it along the way. You will also receive a final critique at the end of the session.
  • The recording of both sessions: you will be able to download the recordings to your own computer and keep them forever.
  • Facebook feedback after the class: If you post on your finished painting on  our V.I.E.W. facebook page, Jeannie will give you final suggestions for your painting.

About me:

Jeannie is a popular instructor of watercolor.  She has taught workshops throughout California and in Wyoming and Washington State for over 20 years.  She enjoys demonstrating her watercolor techniques to art and community organizations and finds the challenge of judging art competitions rewarding and inspiring.  Her work has won many awards and has been published in a number of publications including Pratique des Art Magazine in France and Artist Palette Magazine in Australia.

This year she was awarded signature status at the California Watercolor Association.And, in 2021 her painting will be included in Splash 22.

Her artwork can be seen on fine art wine labels for Young’s Vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley, California and Bella Impavida Wines.

To learn more about Jeannie: Visit her website at https://www.jeannievodden.com

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