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2022 Art Calendar


Bring beauty and whimsy into someone’s life each month. 
My 2022 Calendar is here with new paintings and drawings and a couple of old favorites!  As always each month includes thoughts and inspirational quotes.

Buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.
My calendar this year is
$25, plus shipping. 



























The Unseen Folk c2020

$35.00 plus shipping and handling
(Enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve with a hard cardboard to protect your book)  Each 27 page book is numbered, and can be signed by me, at your request.

  • The land of the Unseen Folk appears when you are expecting it the least.
  • Visit the Forest of Gnarl.
  • Meet Fergus, the Builder, and the Sad Queen Bee.
  • The hidden world of the Unseen Folk has as many different characters as you can possibly imagine!




















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Purchase My Fine Art Greeting Cards

Order your favorites…  Special request card packs can be ordered.  Email me @

  • Featuring a beautiful embossed card stock. 
  • Blank inside, appropriate for any occasion or for your own collection. 
  • They are sized at 5″ x 7″
  • They are perfect to insert in a 5 x 7 inch frame
  • They come with an envelope, of course
  • And, they are enclosed in an archival clear bag


Floral Packet #01

5 cards for $25.00, shipping- Priority Mail























Floral Packet #02

5 cards for $25.00, shipping – Priority Mail 



























2020… a crazy year… a year to remember forever for better or worse.  I have a few left at the reduced price of $17.50 (10.00 off of original price of $27.50)