Motherlode Art Exhibition

Aug 31, 2009 | Misc | 0 comments

Nuzzling c 2009 watercolor 15 x 22 Yesterday I attended the 43rd Motherlode  Art Exhibition in Placerville, Ca. I was so happy to see some of my friends from past classes.  Kathy Gibson and Lee Thompson from my classes with Gary Pruner at American River College in Sacramento are two very fine oil painters.  Lee’s work is often whimsical and delightful in content.  Kathy’s is  mystical. Some of my former students who have gone on to become well-known in artists’ circles and galleries were there as well.   Tracy Lewis, Lisa Mace, Karen Baugh and Kandi Thompson (who was unable to attend) all had paintings accepted.  How great to see these artists flourishing!   Tracy and Kandi both received awards for their work. I am so grateful for my artist colleagues and students! I received an Award of Merit for my painting “Nuzzling”. Thanks to Alyceann Ginelli and her team at the Placerville Artist Association for another annual show.  I am very grateful for the people who work so hard to put on our art shows. Check out these websites to see some of my students work:

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