A little progress on this portrait for my class

Feb 21, 2013 | Misc | 0 comments



 Today I worked on the left side of this portrait. 
I added a glaze of yellow over the left side of face, warming the skin quite a bit.

Then I moved into permanent rose and blue, with more yellow on the left, which is beginning to look a bit like the scarf it’s supposed to resemble.

 Next I painted in the eyebrow, first with rose and yellow, lightly.  Then I added some permanent rose and blue, mixed, to darken the brow.    The most fun was adding more detail to the eye, both the inside (iris and white of the eye) and the outside surrounding skin of the eye.

I still need to work on the right, of course, but next I think I’m going to work on the hands and scarf in front of her face…
Come back soon to check my progress.  Your questions and comments are welcome. 


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