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I have two classes currently at University Art.  In the morning is portraits and afternoon we are working on a floral.  Here are some shots of my progress on the iris…

   Here you can see I’ve started working behind the front Iris on the upper right.  This helps bring the main Iris forward and send the one behind which is not as important back in space.  The upper left is still light, but students can start darkening that as well.  That area, upper left, should be darker than the upper right background iris.   Play with color, moving from one to another as you glaze the background.  Don’t just use one dark color.






  Here is my other Iris painting (I’m working on two, but they are from the same original photo). 

You can see how on this one I’ve slightly darkened the background on the left with a multi-colored glaze. 
Also on the main iris I’ve added a glaze of color over the top petal and the left lower petal.
Students can darken the right lower petal as well on the main flower. 

When and if you get confused about an area, break it down into small sections, or paint around it like I’ve done in the upper left and in the small dark sections around the flower.  This makes a complicated subject easier to understand. 

If I get time this weekend, I’ll work on it more and post here. 



Here you see more of the background development, plus some more detail starting to take shape on the main Iris.  It’s okay to take it slow.   Observe carefully.  Develop in layers, and as you go work in smaller and smaller areas.  That’s the way I do it.

The main thing I’m wanting students to come away with is an understanding of glazing and breaking down a complicated subject matter into parts that are easier to understand. 
Would love to see some of your results, if you are attempting this one on your own.  Here is the original photo. 











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