Mendocino Church c2013 in progress

Mar 11, 2015 | Misc | 1 comment

Just wanted to share a little painting in progress.   In Mendocino on the coast of Northern California is a charming little church.  On one of my trips to teach at the Mendocino Art Center I captured this view of  it.  The pathway leads down to the beach.

Mendocino 2011 087





Early washes include my rainbow colors.  I’m using my usual 3 colors:  Winsor Yellow, Permanent Rose and Winsor Blue Green Shade.  I have painted the sky with only Blue and a bit of Rose, and the trees are mostly just Blue and Yellow with a little red to dull the bright green.   In the other areas of the painting (church and foreground) all three colors are mingled and layered.  I paint mostly wet on dry paper.

Mendocino Church in progress






I’ve used some masking fluid to mask off some of the details of the floral area with rose bushes.   mendocino church detail 2 mendocino church detail 3 mendocino church detail 4jpg  mendocino church in progress 2Mendocino Church     mendocino church finished







Lastly is the finished painting.

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