Author Jamie Weil shares her experience in taking a Portrait Workshop

Apr 20, 2015 | Misc | 0 comments

Putting herself in the uncomfortable position of becoming a beginner, author, speaker, teacher and health coach, Jamie Weil, shares her feelings and insights in her blog after taking my portrait workshop in Cottonwood, CA.

Bravo Jamie!

I know many of you have experienced similar feelings when taking an art class.

I can remember when I was a new student at American River College, taking classes from master artist, Gary Pruner.   Gary would often say “Enjoy being a turkey”.  I didn’t really understand what he meant until later.  But, the thrill of learning and seeing in a new way, of developing new skills, of meeting new people who share your interests is something you might overlook if all you are feeling is inadequate.  Often, our internal self doubt and eagerness to “be good” distracts us.   But being brave and enduring through the onslaughts of this internal dialog along with persistence, practice and focus is richly rewarded.

So, whatever new thing you are trying out or struggling with, in Gary Pruner’s words…  “Enjoy being a turkey”.  And, in Jamie Weil’s words… send your Ego Home!


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