National Watercolor Society 95th Exhibition

Nov 11, 2015 | Misc | 4 comments

It was an exciting experience being accepted into my first international show, the National Watercolor Society 95th Exhibition, this year.  There were about 1000 entering artists from all over the world, with only 71 being accepted into the show.  Only 31 received awards.

I was in Montana, visiting my sister and her husband, when I got the news.  Jumping up and down and giggling, being overjoyed with my good fortune, my brother-in-law, Steve, thought I was loony… well he always thinks that.  🙂

When I got home, there was plenty of work to do.  I needed to buy plexi-glass and re-frame my painting, and I had to decipher all of the instructions, and follow them, to mail my work.  Also, I decided to send 3 matted and unframed pieces to try for a signature membership in NWS.  I found a local business to ship the paintings and off they went.

My family: sister, Sue, brother-in-law, Steve, Mom and Dad, all decided to travel down to So Cal to be there at the reception with me.  We made it into an event, including visiting family and friends in nearby areas of Duarte and La Habra.

I didn’t make the signature status… I didn’t receive an award…  But, I did get to meet some wonderful artists and experience being in this well respected show.

Here are some photos…

My painting:  Little Beach Girl, a portrait of my granddaughter, Elle.

Little Beach GirlHere I am with Dan Peterson

P1060290_2929With Myrna WacknovP1060288_2931With Joe Miller of Cheap Joe’s Art SuppliesP1060287_2932New Signature Members… Congratulations to all!P1060297_2939Joe Miller receiving his awardP1060292_2935Cheryle Lowe with her amazingly realistic and award winning painting.P1060298_2938The work of Liu Lu

Work by Liu Li



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