It’s okay to paint someone over and over again.

Jul 29, 2018 | Misc | 1 comment

Sometimes someone is so inspiring to an artist that they paint them over and over again. 

This is okay. 

Feel free to do it!  🙂

If you have a model, or someone in your life who inspires many paintings, you might question whether you should continue to paint that person over and over again… But, look at various artists in history who’s images included people.  You will see the same faces many times in their paintings. 

Always go with your own instincts on this.  Well meaning friends and family may question your choices.   Take a look at the work of Alphonse Mucha who used Sarah Berhardt over and over again in his beautiful designs.  Or look at Maxfield Parrish’s work who used his favorite model Kitty Owen over and over again, and even himself many times.  Many artists do this and have done this through the ages. 

Remember it is what you do with your images and how you learn to engage your viewers that counts, not who models for you.   And repetition gives a signature to your work.  

Here are some examples of my own work. 
Happy painting! 






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