Student projects… Whimsy and Birds

May 8, 2014 | Misc | 0 comments

Blue bird and birdhouse step one

 My students at University Art have been having a great time adding their own person touches to my
drawings.  We are working with just three colors.  The Bluebird has been outlined in Sharpie extra fine point pen, which is waterproof.  Next week I will get some photos of their work for you to be inspired by.
We have looked at Steampunk and Art Nouveau ideas for inspiration.

blue bird and birdhouse

Here is the tracing for project if you would like
to try it for yourself.







Hummingbird and rose







Here is our next project.  Each student was given a template to trace.  Next they will continue to make their own little changes to the drawing.  Some have decided to use the Sharpie pen and others have eliminated it in this painting.
As with the Bluebird we are using a limited palette of Winsor Yellow, Permanent Rose and Winsor Blue Green Shade.
We are working on applying the various watercolor techniques I have taught them:  wet into wet, wet on dry, mixing and mingling,  color and glazing.
Try it yourself!  More inspiration to come.
Have a great day painting!

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