January, 2016

Jan 5, 2016 | Misc | 0 comments

Happy New Year!

Time to get ready for a year of painting. 

What do you want to learn?  What do you want to paint?

January is always my month to do bookkeeping for the end of the year, sales tax and bookkeeping.  I’m spending long days with scheduling and prep work for upcoming classes and art shows.

Lots of non-artsy things to do… 

Christmas decorations have been organized and put away.  The house is pretty much clean and organized and back to normal.

But, at the same time, it’s a great time to formulating ideas for new paintings.

Here’s an idea for you: 

This month, start putting down a list of things you’d like to paint.  Start a file or notebook with photos and inspirations.  Start some drawings and sketches laying out your paintings.


With all of the rain and/or snow outside, these are days, spent indoors, which can be filled with creativity.poppies






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