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Mar 24, 2020 | Misc | 4 comments

I love to draw in my small sketchbook.  In fact, I often take my pencil case and sketchbook in my purse … kind of wherever I go. 
I’ve been doing this for about 4 years.  I’ve now completed 4 sketchbooks with all kinds of weird and sweet little characters.  I call them “The Unseen Folk”.
So… anyway… 2 years ago I decided that one of my drawings warranted being painted.  Here’s the result:
“Sad Queen Bee”












And now, I’ve finally picked out another from the many drawings in my sketchbooks.   This one, called “Bird Call”, is one of my favorite drawings and I always felt an urge to paint it.  


First I make a copy of my original drawing, making it two times the size larger.  I feel the painting needs to be bigger than the drawing.  It’s easier, for one thing, to paint.  And, other than that… It just seems right to me.  🙂












I have to decide on a color scheme.  In this case I wanted different shades of aqua.  But, I also felt I needed a red to add some warmth and to complement the blues and greens.
Small studies help me see how the colors will blend.









Then on to painting…   I proceed slowly, using my drawing as my guide for facial expression, light and dark values, and details.








The finish?  Sometimes it takes a bit of thought and many moments of just looking, feeling and thinking before you know what else it might need. 
Trust yourself to figure it out.
And, also, perhaps ask a trusted friend what they think. 

It is unbelievable the sweet joy I feel as I work through adding layers of color to these images.  I’m not sure this one is finished, but thought I would at least share my progress.


I plan to do many more of these and to share them with you.


Always experiment with whatever you do.  Try different techniques, color, subject matter… Let your heart be your guide.  It will tell you what you love and by painting what you love, you will learn, entertain yourself, and perhaps inspire others to do the same…  Maybe others will love what you have done enough to want to own it for themselves. 

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